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New mood theme! And some other stuff...

Yeah, so I got this awesome new mood theme from in_the_end...it's Spaced! I love it! So I'm currently watching some Naruto shippuuden...just catching up on it. I've read all the manga chapters, and I figured I'd watch the anime as well. Someone just died...:( I won't say who so as not to give it away...but I just finished ep.79. Aaand I'm trying to write an essay for my interim exam. I haven't looked at the prompt yet, it's due Tuesday, and I'm so tired! Damn. And I'm trying to write a fanfic. I have the idea down, I just have to write it. I'll be happy with the final product, it's just the process that I hate. I hate writing. Which is sort of weird because I like coming up with ideas for stories and everything. It's a total hassle to have to put it all down on paper and everything. Hm...maybe if I stop complaining, I'll have more time to get it done! What a concept, yeah? Anyways, I'll get going on my essay. Peace!

Oh, and check out my new icons if you haven't already^^

Yamato! Tenzou! Icons! Hotness!

Hey all. I just whipped up a few simple icons of one of my favorite nins...Tenzou^^
Taichou this way!Collapse )

Christmas...and games

Christmas was pretty rockin' this year...and by rockin', I mean super relaxed and quiet...except for the wicked good speakers my dad got me. My present to him is shoveling the drive way...I just need it to snow!

So I also got Orange Box. I've already played Half Life 2 and HL2 ep 1. I'm on the second to last chapter of ep 2...and it's kicking my ass. I refuse to use cheats though...but I did look up some walkthroughs on how to kill these effing hunters that are hanging out around the striders. I have no ammo and I keep getting killed...stupid robot aliens...biggest assholes ever! And I have doctor Mangusson on my ass...hello...Gordon Freeman answers to no one!

But seriously...go out and buy Orange Box...NOW. HL2 is amazing, and fun, and so well done. I can't stop playing it. Shit. I'm gonna go try to beat this game already...peace.

Rediscovering Livejournal...

Shit...I haven't posted in over a year...go me. But for real, I've been sooo busy this past year, what with family shit, drama club, AP Physics, and trying to hang out with my friends before we all graduated...it's been pretty hectic. So here's what's new...
1.)Boyfriend...name is Seth:)
2.)Totaled my Blazer and got a 1989 Mercedes E300
3.)Got in to Calvin college...and am going there this coming year
4.)Made Suma Cum Laude
5.)Got through AP Physics
6.)Went to Alaska
7.)Mom moved to Florida
8.)Step-mom ditched
9.)what else...
Well...that's basically it I guess. Not too much, and um...pretty sure no one ever reads this.

holy goodness

I have not posted in the absolute longest time!!! geez. ok. well obviously a lot has happened since August of '06, but considering no one reads this, i won't write a whole lot. This is what has happened
1.)Started my Junior year of high school
2.)Turned 17
3.)My school's football team won state championship and the band got to play at Ford Field
4.)Got a Samsung K5 for Christmas
5.)Broke up with my bf
6.)Got a small lead role in the fall play
7.)Got the lead in the student run play
8.)Almost hit a deer while driving to school
9.)Lost my mind while studying for mid terms
10.)Am going to Disney World in Feb with the marhcing band!!! w00000t.
Yep. I'll try to update more. I check my friends page every day but I never update cause I see no point.
Wow. Haven't updated in awhile! What to say...Lake Mead/Las Vegas was pretty awesome. Really fun actually! Very hot but very fun. Gosh, I'm trying to think of what I've done since then. I went to Flint this weekend for my aunt's wedding reception. It was ok. My grandma started whacking me in the face with spagetti (sp?) noodles and ended basically punching me in the face...not so fun...started our D&D campaign. And I got a massive d20! Holy crap its big! I got a new cat (his name is Giallo...G-ah-low) and he is very adorable. I'll write more later. Peace out!


I was watching Furi Kuri last night and i love it! Going to lake mead in a few days...should be fun:) kind of cloudy right now. band camp went really well. i'll see if i can upload some pics soon. oh, and i haven't been on in awhile because i had been really sick, in chicago, and then at band camp. and now, across the country soon. and i have yet to start malcom x...crap. well, i knwo what i'll be doing the rest of the summer!!!....ugh...
Including Theoden, Aragorn, Legolas, Pippin, Merry, Faramir, Gondor, Haldir, Smeagol, and DeagolClick meCollapse )
hahaHA! great times...um...I found this sweet group called MSI (Mindless Self Indulgence) well, I didn't FIND them...just started listening and I absolutely love them! So everyone...go listen to them!!! And then some neighbors and friends and I are going to be making a mini-movie thing and it's kind of about vampire assasins (sp?) and so I'm pretty pumped. I get to go to Chicago this coming weekend to visit family...shall be mucho fun! Ok...gonna go make some bases cause I feel kind of inspired! yay
HI.I just signed up for a gmail account:) awesome huh? ok...um...i spose that it at the current moment...g2g. gonna see the devil wears prada tonight!!! yea...